About us

Gomata Gau Seva Trust is launched by a group of individuals who helping ill Cows. Gomata Gomata Gau Seva Trust is located in Vijayawada (A.P) in India.
Gomata Gau Seva Trust is Registered Community by Government of Andhra Pradesh u/s Trust Act.
We recognise that making real improvements in cows health lives means working at both a local and all around India on the underlying causes of poverty in the developing world.

The Goshala the Holy, Intellectual & Spiritual complex being made to know about our Universal Mother "THE COW" in our Fast Kalyug Life. It is the concept of the need for dissemination of knowledge on which the center is based. If it can spark an interest in the philiosophy and outlook of the Indian spiritual system, then it would be very major milestone and a meaningful contribution towards Progress & Prosperity based on a truly invigorating spiritual experience.

We are Gomata Gau Seva Trust committed to work with a dedicated mission of Cow Protection and Avail people to cow importance to the world. We are serving and maintaining a breed pure ‘GIR Cows’ also called ‘GIR Gaiya’ which is purely nourished and well maintained here at Goshala with traditional Indian Vedic way. Even are producing various pure medicines from the raw mistrials from cow such as Cow Urine, Cow Dung and Ghee, and trying to serve that to people as much as to cure diseases. 


Gomata Gau Seva Trust respects every living creature alike, no matter whether it is a human being, plant or animal and bird. Arham Yuva Group firmly believs in the Indian culture of living in harmony with the nature and world. That is the reason we are into animal welfare as much as in other welfare activities. We know that being humans, we have luxury of sharing our feelings with others through use of words and languages, but animals? They just cannot share their agonies and grief and pain and wish! That’s why, it is our duty to help them in the best possible way so their lives can become easy whether in night or day.

Our Mission

Our mission is to care for stray, abandoned cows, bulls, retired oxen, and orphaned calves. We provide them hay, flour, fresh grass, clean water, medical attention and a place where they can recuperate from injuries and stay peacefully.


  • To propagate and promote love for the cow and its virtues.
  • To make cow-protection a people's movement.
  • To work for the protection and conservation of cow.
  • To campaign against the cruelty to cow and its progeny.

Our Activities

  • Helpline: We run a helpline where citizens can call to inform about sick or stray cows and calves, in the area.
  • Transportation: In association with volunteers, we arrange to bring the cattle to the campus.
  • Care: We care for the stray, ill-nourished and helpless cows by providing them food, shelter and medical facilities.

Come, join in our mission and make it yours too!!

This is what you can do…..

  • Express your love for cow
  • Propagate the virtues of cow
  • Donate to Gaushalas
  • Adopt a cow & pay for its upkeep
  • Visit a Goshala for regular Goseva yourself
  • Inform us if you see a sick cow or cruelty to cow or its progeny