From ancient times, cow has made a significant contribution to human civilization. According to Vedas, Upanishads and Puran it found that the Cow is Mother of all creatures. A brief glory of our mother cow is described in our Indian scriptures. One of the most important reasons is that cows have been the backbone of Indian families and the Indian agricultural system ever since the dawn of this ancient Hindu civilization. It is Indian mythological belief that Mother Cow is abode of 33 crore Gods. The word "Gau" in India is a symbol of faith, purity, reverence and religious culture thats why many sacred words begin with the word "Gau", such as Goverdhan, Gopal, Gaumukh, Gautam, Gokul and so on.

Shri Krishna and Cow, both are identity of each other. Whenever Lord Krishna used to play flute, cows became completely captivated. With the sound of His flute He made the cows stunned with bliss. Butter and milk produced by cow was favorite food to Lord Krishna and God himself worshipped Gaumata and Goverdhan Maharaj (Lord Krishna, who is worshipped by all world, worships Gaumata. It shows the significance of Gaumata). Thats why Cow has given a status of a family member, not an animal.

Nowadays our Indian culture and respect for Gaumata is on decline day by day. Unfortunately, our mother cow is roaming in streets. Not only that but there are sights that jar us back to harsh reality and one of those is seeing a cow eating trash in garbage heap. Indigent cow, to satisfy her hunger, is circumstantially forced to eat trash, including plastic bags, toxic substances, chewing tobacco, sharp glasses and iron nails. Most of the time, it cuts their tongue and that results into bleeding from mouth. But there is no other way to satisfy hunger except eating such thing. If a cow eats enough plastic bags, her digestion suffers and gradually bags starts collecting in her stomach causing the cattle to die of severe pain. Polymers, found in plastic are cancer causing agents and are extremely dangerous for health. Some cows are forced to live a life with pain of cancer and those who cant bear this pain, dies. It is unambiguous that it is a poor life for cows that have bestowed so many blessings on humanity. No doubt, very deplorable.

Generally it found that garbage of city in large amount is thrown away at outskirts of city. It attracts attention of wandering cows and sometime they collides with running vehicles on road and are left with groaning pain on road to die. No one is there to attend them, for medical aid or food and no one is there to take away the tears when they cry. Consumption of plastic, toxic elements and non-biodegradable items proves fatal to them and results in dangerous diseases like Cancer, hernia and swelling of belly.

There is no one whose heart will not cry on such miserable condition of cow but indeed the truth is that these atrocities are done on them by us. Before independence 300 slaughterhouses were in India but today there number increased to 36032. Forthcoming words will depicts live example of inhumanity that how they are killed in slaughterhouses for money. Their agony starts long before they are dead. They are brought to butcher-houses in vehicles live non-living and 20-25 are stacked up in each track. Nobody cares to feed them food or even water while in transit and packed so tightly in truck that sometime hurt by each other. Then in slaughterhouse they are kept hungry and thirsty for many days just in order to receive a certificate about their uselessness by giving bribe to doctors. Doctors appointed by Govt. are issuing certificates in-spite of knowing all such this but their only purpose is to mint money.

Now, extremely hot water (of 200 degree) is sprayed on them for five minutes to soften their skins, so that skin can be removed easily. Cow faints at this point, but it is not dead yet. Now it is hung upside down with one leg on a chain pulley conveyor. Then half of the neck is slit with sharp weapon and let the blood drains but this does not kill them. On one side the blood is dripping from neck and on the other side a hole is made in stomach from which air is pumped inside. This cause the body to swells and makes it easier to peel the skin. Indian constitution has granted permission to cut useless and very old animals but on pretext of this Slaughterhouse owner are cutting healthy cattle. Then blood, bone and skin are exported to foreign countries in order to make their economy stronger. It is despicable, but its true.

We must not forget here that to kill Gaumata means to end human civilization.

Thats why, understand the pain and agony of our mother and give her the same status as she deserves.